Children's parties 

Looking for a fun place for a children's party? With us it is possible! For example, if you are totally crazy about horses, you can have a pony children's party with us. Or do you want something adventurous and make a knapsack and do a treasure hunt? Or make your own pizza?

We offer different children's parties that all last about 2.5 hours. The children's parties are supervised, but it is mandatory that a parent is along to help as well.

For example, you can first do a pony hunt or the knapsack route and then make pizza. If you would like something different we can always see if this is possible. At every children's party the children get drinks and some goodies. The children can also eat fries or pancakes afterwards.

Pony treasure hunt - A treasure hunt with ponies through the polder. € 40.00+€ 6.50 per child
Ponyride - Brushing the ponies, pony riding and playing games. € 12.50 per child
Knapsack route - Macking a knapsack and a treasure hunt. € 10.95 per kind
Making pizza - Making the most delicious pizza yourself. € 9.95 per child
Backing party - Backing cupcakes and cookies € 9.95 per child


Dinner afterwards:

Pancakes € 5.95 per child
French fries with frikadel/croquette/knakworst € 7.95 per child
Cupcake as a treat € 2.75 per child

All activities are at your own risk, in no way do we accept liability!
Updated 19-01-2024