On our farm we try to be as sustainable as possible. Every year, for instance, we generate 35,000 kilowatts of green electricity through our solar panels. This is about enough to supply our entire farm with electricity. We also have the water treatment of our farm almost entirely under our own management. Through our halophyte filter, we purify the water so that we are left with clean water. In the past, we used to flush the toilets with this, but with our extremely dry summers, there is no water left to flush with this. All the water then sinks into the soil.  

The tea garden tries to buy as sustainably as possible. We buy meat directly from a livestock farmer in Ouwerkerk. The cattle here have walked outside and are raised without antibiotics. Experience this flavour in our garden.

Afbeelding8On the arable farm, we try to use as few plant protection products and fertilisers as possible. We do this by using satellite images of our crop. We also spray only when absolutely necessary. Through a pilot project, we store CO2 in our soil. Through various cultivation measures, we store 40 000 kg of CO2 every year. We do this to combat global warming.

We have had field edges for years. This promotes biodiversity. Insects as well as larger and smaller animals find food and shelter here in summer and winter. Because we keep our crops further away from the ditch, the water quality also benefits. In this way, you enjoy a beautiful flower border and less fertiliser and crop protection product residues end up in the surface water. A win-win situation, in other words.

Updated 19-1-2024